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IGNITION: How strong is your car's pulse? #TuesdayTechTip

It's Tuesday, so that means it's time for our weekly #TechTip!

Spring is here, now is a great time to do some spring checks before firing the engine for the first drive of 2022. Tune in every Tuesday for another tech tip!

IGNITION: The ignition system is the pulse of your engine (literally), a weak pulse means a weak engine. Check your coil, plugs, and wires. We like to do plugs every two years, don't forget to gap them! Ignition wires can get brittle and crack with age and heat, this can cause arcing and misfires. Inspect your wires for obvious signs of wear, another tip is to start your engine and turn off the light in your garage, any arcing or stray current will make itself known. Inspect your coil for visual defects like bulges or signs of overheating.

Still have points in your dizzy? Now is a great time to check them for buildup and set the gap. Points are wear items and need to be checked/replaced fairly regularly. Tired of messing with them and want to increase the sparking power of your system? Switch to a solid-state system and a full 12v coil. There are many brands that offer drop-in solutions for most distributors. Just make sure to match your new electronic ignition with the proper coil. Coils come in various voltages and resistance levels, so check with your kit's manufacturer. Also, check to make sure your new coil has bypassed the ballast resistor if necessary. A system designed with a 12v 1.3 ohm coil will not perform at peak if the car's original ballast resistor or resistor wire is still in place.

We will see you next week for another #TechTip!

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