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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a road race?
NO! This is NOT A ROAD RACE.  All of our events are casual road rallies. These are not Speed/Time/Distance events. 
What type of vehicles are allowed?
If it moves and its street legal, bring it! Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Supercars, Family Wagons, Convertibles, Sedans, Trailer Queens, and Rust Buckets. Come one come all for the most fun road rally of them all!
Is the entry fee per car or per person?
Entry fee/ticket is PER CAR, not per person. Only one entry per car is required regardless of the number of passengers.
What does the entry fee cover?
One Entry Covers: Entry fee for 1 vehicle, 2 shirts, sponsored swag bag, daily events (drag strip fees, etc), support vehicle costs, and administration fees.  It does not include hotel expenses, fuel, national park fees (if any), food & beverage. 
Vintage Car
How long are we driving each day?
Each day's drive will take place along a predetermined route, actual driving time will range from 3-4 hours each day depending on the leg.  Each day has additional check-ins or activities that will take up additional time, but are not factored as "driving time" as they typically require you to go stretch your legs a bit.

What kind of car do I need?
The best car to drive is the one you have!  All safe and road legal cars are allowed to enter the rally, while we encourage you to participate with your classic, we won't turn away more modern whips.

Where do I stay each night?
We are working with hotels in at each stopping city to coordinate room availability and special group rates.  Our target room rate is $135-175 each night. You are responsible for making your own reservations!

I can't come now, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately there are no refunds, you can however convert the full price of your ticket into a credit that can be used at any future event, or you can give your ticket to someone else.

Where do your events take place?

While we started in the Midwest "Lapping Lake Michigan" we have expanded across the US to some of the best driving roads our great nation has to offer, from sea to shining sea.

Countryside Road


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