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About Rambler Rallies

Rallies For The Rest Of Us

Road Rallies have been popular with car enthusiasts almost since the first car raced on a dirt track.


Our first event started as a casual drive but quickly became a full-fledged road rally with 50 cars and over 100 participants. We have been expanding ever since.  

The Rambler Road Rally model is designed to appeal to the average enthusiast at a modest cost. While providing them with a one of a kind driving and adventure experience.

Vintage Car

Adventure & Experience

Many rallies go after a certain type of car collector.  The supercar crowd, the concours numbers matching classic owner, or the rare pre-1970s vintage collector for example.


We want everyone else.

The dad who rebuilt a Camaro with his son on a budget? Yep!


The MG enthusiast that has had the same MGA since college and keeps it original down to the paint? Absolutely!


The guy who’s dream car since middle school was a 1988 Mustang 5.0L? Bring it!


Supercar fanatic? We want them too!


What has made our event so popular is that its open to ALL car enthusiasts.

Events All Over

While we started in the Midwest "Lapping Lake Michigan" we have expanded across the US to some of the best driving roads our great nation has to offer, from sea to shining sea.

Countryside Road


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