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BRAKES: Is it time for a new set of shoes for your car? #TuesdayTechTip

It's Tuesday, so that means it's time for our weekly #TechTip!

Spring is here, now is a great time to do some spring checks before firing the engine for the first drive of 2022. Tune in every Tuesday for another tech tip!

BRAKES: Brakes! When was the last time you checked your Pads/Shoes? Brakes are often forgotten about until we need them and they don’t perform as they should. Your entire braking system should be checked every spring.

Check the fluid, dirty or dark fluid should be flushed. Even if the fluid looks clean in the reservoir, the fluid lurking in your calipers or wheel cylinders may be a different story. (We love the Motive line of pressure bleeders, they make flushing fluid solo quick and easy with no mess)

Check your rotors for wear, grooves, or a pulsing pedal when braking is a sure sign it’s time for new rotors. Rubber hoses are another trouble spot, if you haven't changed your rubber lines in the last 10 years, the time is now.

Don't let brakes slip your regular maintenance routines, they won't forgive you...

We will see you next week for another #TechTip!

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