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2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Spread some cheer this season with some great automotive themed gift ideas for that special car someone in your life!

1. Car Wash & Detail: $15-$169 Kit From Jay Leno's Garage

America's favorite late night funnyman is also an avid collector of all things automotive, which means he knows a thing or two about keeping the finish on a car looking it's best! With a whole line of Wash & Detail packages available you can easily find the right package at the right price for your special someone!

Check out the packages here:

2. Battery Tender - $38

When winter comes and cars go into storage it's important to keep it's battery charged! A slow drain can ruin a car battery over a winter, combat that with a Battery Tender Charger.

Order it here on Amazon

3. ODBII Code Reader - $38-$150

A check engine light is never a welcome sight.... Luckily most cars 1996 and newer have an ODBII computer that can be read with a fairly simple handheld device. Help diagnose your car's issue quickly and efficiently with a ODBII code reader, you can even clear codes and that check engine light.

Order one here from AutoZone

4. Custom Neon Garage Sign - $26

Add some custom decor to your garage and be the talk of the block or your next car club technical meet. A Custom Neon or LED Garage sign is a great addition to any garage or workspace!

Order one here from Amazon

5. Car Brand Flags - $15-25

On the same theme of garage decor, add a flag that shows your pride for your favorite car brand or even model. Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Jaguar, MG, Corvette, Mustang.... Whatever your favorite is, find a flag to go with it!

Order one here from

6. Ratcheting Wrench Set - $69

Anyone who has ever worked on a car knows there is always that one fastener that you can't get a socket on, but is a pain to use a wrench on... Presenting the ratcheting wrench! One use and these will quickly become a favorite tool in your tool box.

Order one here from Lowes

7. Nut & Bolt Thread Sizer - $21

Figuring out what size nut or bolt you need doesn't have to be a pain, save yourself guesswork and multiple trips to the hardware store. Finally sort that pile of mystery fasteners and organize them by thread size and pitch! Another simple but oh so useful tool that your loved one will use time and time again.

Order one here from Amazon

8. Football Leather Driving Loafers- $575 Stubbs & Wootton

If you are looking for something a little more upscale and fashionable for the car lover in your life, may we suggest some lovely football leather loafers by Stubbs & Wootton. An exclusive style with historical roots. Inspired by the original Venetian slipper, and handcrafted in Spain.

These Venetian Football loafers feature a Horween American Football Leather Upper with a Self-welt Trim will feel right at home at the country club bar or at the next Saturday Morning Cars & Coffee meet.

Order one here from Stubbs & Wootton

9. Custom Leather Key Fobs- $45-60

Most car enthusiasts are all about customization and that even includes minor details like keychains. These custom leather keychains can be personalized just for them. For $47.25, you can get one side of each keychain stamped with words or letters of your choice. For $57, you can have both sides done.

Order one here from Etsy

10. Coffee Table Book on Their Favorite Cars - $50-$150 Various Vendors

The perfect final touch for your living room or mancave, an elegant coffee table book on your favorite car or car brands. For the English car lover we highly recommend "Rule Britannia"available from many vendors, including Moss Motors. A fun way to reflect on some of your favorite automotive icons in the cold winter months.

Order one here from Moss Motors

11. Rambler Rallies Merch - $20-$50

Show off your participation in your favorite Rambler Rallies event with custom Rambler Rallies Merch! From Mugs, Hoodies, T-Shirts and more!

Order one here from Rambler Rallies

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